Dress to impress

White is clean and regal. White is honest and pure. White is an exorbitantly priced wedding dress from Vera Wang, if you’re lucky.

Kim Kardashian: the Princess of reality television, in my books at least. Be captivated by her or loathe her, she speaks her mind, and if speaking your mind will get you two Vera Wang dresses for your big day, I won’t be stopping.


The epitome of flawlessness, to say the least. From the sheen white ribbon wrapped around her bouquet of cream roses, to her diamond headpiece. It’s perfectly in order to say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. If anyone does it right, it’s Kim Kardashian – even if she may do it two or three times just to be certain of it.



Another Vera Wang gem that I haven’t been able to get over since the Fairy Tale Wedding aired on E! in 2011. It is body hugging in the most flattering way. The glamour in its simplicity allows for Kim Kardashian to look nothing shy of a showstopper, deliberately or otherwise. It begs the question, “shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” Kanye West has got himself a woman, one who is the best of all time, OF ALL TIME.

How can one not be anything other than obsessed? Swoon.



A Prince and his Duchess – with a terrible wedding dress. There, I said it. I may possibly be the only girl in the world who wasn’t going crazy over this bland sheet, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that Joan Rivers didn’t bash it with her smart mouth on The Fashion Police. Back to the royal bashing, I’m particularly having an issue with the pointy bra underneath. Honey, you are not Madonna, you cannot dress like a harlot. Other than the aforementioned tacky showpiece, her expertly combed hair, which we hold in high regard (God, no) for taking the time, energy and effort to do – which urges the statement: “and we’ll never be royal,” Lorde. Besides this disaster on a global scale, there is not a single fashion mishap committed by Kate Middleton. Make no mistake, she’s truly lovely, the combination of beauty and royalty she has been bestowed with seems to be the best of both worlds, so to speak.



My all time favourite. My dream come true. Cinderella.

Granted, the wedding scene lasted but a few seconds, the bells that jingled and the birds that flew were overwhelming, from the first time I watched it (and the next hundred times). Why I liked chokers back in the day is beyond me, but I still tend to smile when I see happy Cinderella finally beginning a life she deserves. Cinderella sure showed people that with the precise amount of squats on a yoga mat, you can achieve the booty of your dreams just in time for your darting down the red carpet and into the carriage, perfectly on schedule for your Happily Ever After.


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