Sisterhood of the Travelling Socks

Growing up, as one does, it always tickled my ego to attention when my sister would repeat the words I’d say, want use the same mascara as me or simply sit next to me at the dinner table. Dealing with high school was an occupation in itself, but to have a little girl doting on your every move could sometimes become overbearing.



Having a sister is one of the best gifts your parents could give you – it’s almost on par with five cronuts and a milkshake. It means getting your hair done at leisure, having a make-up artist attempt winged eye-liner on you several hundred times, even though it may not turn out as fabulous as she initially described it to be. It means sharing hair straighteners, curling irons and frilly socks. It means having another room with a cupboard full of clothes and shoes in a fashion sense not quite your own, but close enough to allow you to look like an alternate version of yourself. This works both ways and, sometimes, if you don’t lend your sister what she demands, you might ruin your chances of using her new Chanel eye-liner the next time you need it, so you lend her your brown bag, supposing that sharing is truly caring.



Sometimes you have to brave the outrageously loud singing from her room, just to show your silent support of her feelings when there’s no other way for her to express herself. At other times, you have to physically attack her using everything you’ve got to make her stop doing something you don’t quite agree with, be it taking a photo of you on a really bad hair day, or when she threatens to lick your jacket… then actually does it.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.43.52 PM


Like in any family, there will be times when sides will be taken and there is a chance that during such a time, your sister will side with a parent or another sibling for reasons instrumental to her at that moment, depending on her latest desire, be it a new jacket or the absolute compelling need to go shopping that weekend. She’d want to agree with you but she remains friendly with both, the person who will finance her next acquisition and her sister. This is unacceptable.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 7.31.14 PM


If you ever want to watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars, go for a pedicure, have an evening in putting on charcoal masks, or get the least sugar coated opinion on an item of clothing you’re unsure about, a sister is your go-to girl every single time. She’s a live-in friend and partner in crime, every day of the week.



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