Charlotte (New) York

The cast of Sex and the City has been my latest obsession which has sadly come to an abrupt end, given the unhealthy doses of episodes I’ve been consuming every day. The feeling is something similar to when you finish a good book – while reading it, you’re eager to get to the next page but before you’ve had enough of it, it’s already over and you’re left with a void, feeling out of place. However, the pearls of wisdom you’re left with by the one or many characters you’ve grown to look up to and adore stay with you forever.

For me, that was Charlotte York.


A sophisticated woman who knows her self worth, partially due to her blue-blooded upbringing in Conneticut and pristine education, Charlotte is truly lovely.


Charlotte works in an art gallery, where she sells art to the crème de la crème of New York City. She is passionately optimistic about art and life, in which tradition plays an important role. The substance given to tradition is materialised in her dreams and aspirations, her favourite and most sought-after being marriage.


Charlotte is the sweetheart of the group who always tries to keep the other three ladies morally in check, simultaneously focused on building a fairytale life for herself, something her friends support graciously. Her drive and determination to find someone is what pushes her to be her best, in order to find the best fitting her soulmate, with whom she intends to spend the rest of her life with.


Even when her friends think that she’s living in a fantasy world.


Despite her seeming misapprehension about the stereotypical nature of some men, she is not delusional when it comes to what some men are like in reality, and she is prepared for it. Woe to the ignorant, and that she is not.


She has a vast amount of knowledge, some personal and some friend-bestowed, to the point where she won’t pursue something unless she is fairly certain that she sees a future. She has high standards that are attainable, and she has every right to.


Ever the lady, even after Charlotte finds “the one”, she stays true to herself and is opposed to vulgar language at the best and worst of times, and most importantly, at Vera Wang.



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