Putting the ‘sn’ in Ugg

“Those are gross”

“Is ‘ugly’ what Paris Fashion Week is strutting down the runway this season?”

“Are you trying to look worse than Lupita Nyong’o did at the Met Gala this year?


People always say that others are going to look at you, so you might as well give them something to look at. This is probably why Lupita went with the jungle baby look this year, clad in Tarzan’s sleeping hammock.


He’s not too pleased, and neither was I when I learnt that it’s Prada. However, a Prada hammock is something I’m definitely willing to invest in.

It’s a fact of life that people will always have something to say about you, whether you’re Blake Lively or just another girl walking down the street. The Fashion Police on E!, now without their guru, Joan Rivers, is a prime example that cements my position on the fact that people will always have something to say, whether positive or negative.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.12.20 PM

There are critics everywhere: people who pass you on the street, people in restaurants, friends, and possibly the most scariest of all – sisters. As much as I adore my sisters, I sometimes cringe at the harsh reaction I receive when telling them about what I think of leggings or even food. In terms of clothes, they’re the ones you check with before you buy something, the ones you prance around with before you step out of the house together, and the ones who you go to for a final last word on what you’re about to wear. A second opinion is always a great assurance when approval is bounced back, however, it’s also alright to go with what your heart tells you, with regard to what to wear, and everything else for that matter.


Have you ever looked at something and loathed it, until a few months later when it becomes your mild obsession, usually when everyone else still thinks it’s silly?

Exhibit A: Me.

Current object of obsession: Ugg boots



They’re cute on another level, more than comfortable and certainly snug(g). I’ll stick to that, regardless of what anyone has to say. If Vanessa Hudgens is doing it without a care in the world, then I’m unquestionably thrilled with my choice.


Living in the society we live in today, we are bound to be influenced in some way or the other by what people do or what they wear. At the end, all that matters is that you’re comfortable in your skin, and do as you see fit.



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