Yum! A trail of sesame crumbs

Every now and again, I gain a burst of food inspiration either from a picture I’ve come across online or from scrolling through recipe books with delectable options that have the potential to come to life. Today was one such day, out of almost nowhere, while casually sitting at the pool with my feet up, I decided that I was going to come home and create something I’ve never tried before (with too much success).
I began making sesame crumbed chicken strips with a sweet chilli mayo dip with go with it.

Though it may look like a quick meal to whip up in 5 minutes, that is simply a fallacy. It took quite a while to prepare the actual chicken strips, and then assembling the various things it needs to be dipped in such as seasoned flour, breadcrumbs with sesame seeds and beaten eggs. It certainly was no easy feat.

Truth be told, I love garnishing, so I was sure to get a few sprigs of fresh green mint, and a perfectly yellow lemon bursting with citrus flavour to add a lemon touch to my plat du jour.

After the sesame crumbed chicken strips were grilled to perfection in the oven, I sprinkled over some Himalayan pink coarse salt over to add flavour and texture to the strips. Voila! Like Hansel and Gretel, I left a trail of sesame crumbs on the way out!

After all is said and done, I quite enjoy being in the kitchen. Even though the evil forces that lurk beyond the kitchen door, like oven burns, try to scare me off, I tend to find myself back in the kitchen over and over again, ever ready to attempt to design something edible yet again. Dare I call myself a foodie?


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