Yum! Cupcakes

If I had to write a sentence to sum up my undying love for cupcakes, it would go something like this:

I have an undying love for cupcakes.

Unlike Marie Antoinette, whose quote would go something like:

Let them eat cake!

How rude. She was guillotined in the end so her sarcasm regarding baked goodness was dealt with a degree of justice, one could argue.

Some 200 years later, I happen to be around, floating uncommitted, from room to room until I find myself in the kitchen on a mission. I am by all means a total advocate for cupcakes – especially creating them, pouring sprinkles on them, baking them and icing them thereafter.

I spent my afternoon in the kitchen putting together ingredients for delicious vanilla cupcakes. Once the mixture was ready, I scooped it into frilly white cupcake holders using two table-spoons. I then proceeded to sprinkle rainbow coloured vermicelli sprinkles on half of the cupcake mixture, and sprinkled chocolate coloured vermicelli on the other half of the cupcake mixture in their respective oven tray holders.

After my fluffy mixture had baked for under an hour to golden perfection, I allowed for it to cool for a few hours before I began on my icing expedition. I used butter icing -which is a mixture of butter (of course) and lots of icing sugar. Once I creamed together the mixture to smooth sublimity, I added in a dash or two of turquoise liquid gel colouring. This allowed my icing to become a beautiful Tiffany & Co blue, allowing me to become even more fond of it – if that was even possible to begin with.

Finally, I transferred the icing into my piping bag, with a shiny silver nozzle at the tip to get the result I wanted with regard to the shape of the icing. The icing oozed out of the nozzle without much fuss, as it was the right consistency – not too hard, nor too soft. Like baby bear said, “juuurst right!”.

Needless to say, I was incredibly pleased with the outcome. The possibility of me entering the kitchen again to bake cupcakes is not a far off prospect. I can’t wait to share my next baking moment on the blog!

For info on ordering cupcakes for kiddies parties, high teas or corporate events, please leave your contact details in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!




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