Yum! Mini donuts

A few weeks ago, I was inspired to make mini donuts – or donutlings. It’s been a craze recently and what better thing to do than to attempt it oneself. I began with a basic donut recipe, and used circular objects in order to get them to be a genuine DIY in order to get the perfect size – ‘mini’.

Sugar and spice and all things nice were included in the mixture. The spice being nutmeg of course, to give it that lovely savoury donuty taste!

I fried the mini donuts in hot oil, all the while turning them to ensure that they were perfectly cooked outside as well as inside. After it was a golden brown, I took them out and left them to drain on draining paper.I melted Cadbury chocolate – the best tasting chocolate I’ve used thus far – and dipped the donuts in. Thereafter I proceeded to sprinkle hundreds and thousands over them for a pop of colour.

Lastly, owing to my adoration of flowers, more so edible flowers, I popped a few on several of the donuts to add a elegant touch to it.

And voila!


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