Being vegan

My sister and I decided to try to be vegan for the better part of a week. My sister, the resilient person that she is, followed through for a full 5 days. I, on the other hand, managed for several hours, but soldiered on for a day or two more while adding butter here and there. I’m a weakling of sorts.

Below is a rye roll with poppy and other delicious seeds. Topped with purple cabbage, watercress leaves, baby snap peas and topped with a vegan honey-mustard salad dressing.



Next, I had the same roll, except this time my toppings altered slightly. I’ve added purple cabbage, watercress and chick peas topped with the vegan honey-mustard salad dressing. I also had a side of baby carrots. To drink, I had a glass of ice water, as well as a mug of green tea.



I then attempted a vegan Bhudda bowl. I boiled some pasta, drizzled olive oil over it to avoid it was from sticking together. I added some sweet corn, watercress, purple cabbage and baby carrots. I then added some crushed chilli flakes for a spicier effect. This was delicious! I could eat it any day!

Bon appétit!




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