Coco Chanel

Over the years I’ve used a variety of different products in my beauty regimen when getting ready to go out, yet none of those compare to the Chanel products I’ve recently grown to adore. One of the best things about using Chanel products is the French aspect to it. The names of the products tend to have a French touch which is oh-so-glamourous!




Coco Chanel once said that “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”



I began with a beauty basic – a lip balm called the rouge coco baume – hydrating conditioning lip-balm by Chanel. It comes in a lipstick tube as well as a tub. I first bought the tube and, once that had finished, the tub of lip balm. I much prefer the tube as that was less sticky than that of the tub of lip balm. The good aspect about the tub of lip balm, however, is that it lasts really long. Sometimes lipstick can be applied, and then some of the lipgloss after in order to give it a more glossy, finished look.



I have also tried the Chanel lipstick – particularly the Rouge Coco Téhéran (56). This lipstick is pretty good and tends to last long. It is a pink-orange colour with accents of sparkle which truly adds to the evening charm. There is no need to add any type of lip-gloss over this lipstick shade as it is perfection on its own.




The next Chanel product I quite enjoy is the Joues Contraste powder blush. It comes in a neat little package, and is further enclosed in a velvet case. In that velvet case is the compact box with the powder blush. The colour I have is Reflex (82) and it works wonders on my skin tone. The colour can be described as a dusty pink with a glittery essence that also adds to the blush on the whole. The actual compact box contains a clear-as-day mirror and a Chanel blush brush to aid in the application of the blush. All-in-all it is a convenient fully equipped blush kit which is ideal to pop in your purse for a touch up later on in the day!



I also have the Les Pinceaux de Chanel brush. This is a 2-in-1 foundation brush that works for both, fluid and powder based make-up. This works really well when I want to apply strobe cream as a highlighter, or simply for blending make-up that requires it. This brush comes in a velvet case as well, thus making it easier to carry around when packing in a make-up bag or simply popping into a suitcase. It is as soft as cotton candy and is great to clean. I generally use the silicone make-up brush cleaner with some liquid soap and warm water. Within a few minutes it is as good as new, and as soft as ever!



Au revoir mon chéri!


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