Yum! Sushi

My sister and I decided to have sushi for lunch, so we hopped in the car and took a leisurely drive to the restaurant.

First, we ordered sweet corn cakes – they were sweet (of course) and deep fried. It came with a sweet sauce to add to the fried effect that the sweet corn cakes were. Little carrot sticks were used as a garnish.

We then ordered a sushi platter to share. This came really neatly plated, and the pink ginger added to the girly sushi date ambience we had going on. The platter included prawns, salmon roses and caviar. The wasabi and soy sauce always adds to flavour that wouldn’t otherwise be experienced with sushi on its own.


To end off, we ordered a tempura fried prawns sushi which included rice, sesame seeds, deep fried tempura prawns, spring onions, mayo and avocado topped with caviar. This was certainly the highlight of the sushi today!


Of course, my enjoyment of sushi has been reignited.


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