Victoria’s Secret

Hi girls!

I haven’t written in a while but all that is about to change! Today turned out to be a Victoria’s Secret inspired day – purely because I was showered with not one, but TWO, gorgeous gift bags with even cooler gifts! This post relates to the first Victoria’s Secret gift I received today.


The bag itself was a gift on it’s own. I colours of pink, white and black, being the brand’s signature, add to the excitement of having Victoria’s Secret products, even before you look inside.


The gift box was pink with silver stars thrown all over. The out part of the box on the right and left was wrapped in red bows which was great so I was thrilled about that.



The gift box had none other than the Temptation fragrance mist and the Temptation fragrance lotion. I test tried them and they smell great. It’s a perfect size to buy as a gift and if you look closely, it’s set in a pink shimmery box which is the cherry on top for those of you who, like me, like things pink and shimmery!




Then, of course, when you look closely into the gift bag, in pink, the classic ‘love, Victoria’ is written followed by a pink heart.

Ah, bless.


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